July 17th at the Ranch

Just out of the incubator

Today started with delivering the last of the Black Copper Marans and Jersey Giant chicks, 30 plus chicks from 40 setting eggs. It is really amazing what you can find on Ebay!

 The ranch has wonderful Pasture Raised Organic Eggs. My thought is these eggs cost us all top dollar so we all should enjoy looking at them. Every dozen that leaves the ranch looks like something the Easter Bunny left Easter morning!!

Today’s chicks are special. The Black Copper Maran hen lays the darkest brown egg we know of and the Roosters will cross-breed with my Rhode Island hens for chicks that will have stong laying habits with a darker brown color in their eggs. My Jersey Giants are wonderful laying hens. They are on the endangered list at the Livestock Conservatory. They are the mascot chicken at the home place here at the ranch.  The Jersey Giant was developed in the late 1800’s by two brothers who wanted to breed a chicken who could compete with the turkey as a holiday bird.  They are considered the largest domestic chicken.

Today I was able to trade 1 gallon of raw goat milk for 2 pounds of grass-fed beef!!  AND a batch of Cheve for a culture for Kefir.  Ranch perks are really wonderful!!

Tonight it was 7:30 I was still out feeding and gathering eggs and feeling really tired and I thought of you.  “You” being anyone who might enjoy knowing what I did  on the ranch today and the days to come.  Thinking about that perked up my energy and planted new enthusiasm to get finish, head home and get the goat milked then come in and see if I could figure out how to start a blog.  So “thank you” !

I will share about the ranch and how it came about, what all we raise and the day’s happenings.  I will bring you pictures of all the many residents, like the litter of kittens I adopted to be part of barn rodent patrol and eradication.  I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I am already enjoying sharing.  It is really funny, I have never followed a blog myself, and actually I am totally lame at my face book page, but this feels right. And amazingly enough I got this far.

More tomorrow Good Night the Pasture Chick